Entrepreneur Uses Social Media For Business Success

Entrepreneur Uses Social Media For Business Success


Haters step aside, hairstylist Stephanie Lalanne is in pursuit of building her beauty and hair empire. Using the power of social media, Lalanne started Beauty by Bailee. Boasting 2,000+ followers and a successful hair extension line the new businesswoman is working on carving her path to success. However, like any entrepreneur, Lalanne’s journey to wasn’t traditional.

While hair and makeup was always a passion for Lalanne, the world of beauty was just a hobby. By the time she got to college she turned her hobby to a side hustle to earn income while in school. Even though her clientele was steadily growing through friends and word of mouth doing hair was always second to her dream of becoming a social worker.

After graduating from Marymount University with a degree in Sociology, Lalanne went on to work for the FDA. It was in this 9 to 5 where she shifted gears to a career in beauty.

“I’m a people person,” Lalanne said. “I like to talk a lot, I like to meet new people, I like to engage in conversation with any random person and working this 9 to 5 just wasn’t for me.”

So, to reach her goals to pursue beauty full-time, Lalanne got focused and boosted her social media presence. Citing the difference social media made in her career Lalanne said.

“I was only posting once every couple of weeks and then I told myself last year like I need to get consistent about this so I’m going to post at least about five or six pictures, videos, and content on my social media to build it so I can get more clientele.”

Upon reworking her social media presence and overall marketing strategy Lalanne saw her clientele increased significantly.

“Once I started doing that, my clientele skyrocketed. I literally went from like one or two people a month to like six people per week, sometimes three or four customers in one day!”

Resigning from the FDA last March, Lalanne has been committed to her business on a full-time basis. After launching her hair line Bailee’s Bundles last April, Lalanne is now in the process of developing a lip line, which she expects to launch this year. If she wasn’t busy enough, Lalanne is also planning to introduce hair and makeup tutorials for her upcoming YouTube channel.

She credits her success to her family and friends citing them as her greatest support systems.

“I have a really great support system. Someone is always available always. If it wasn’t for them none of this would be possible,” she said. “People think this is easy but I’ve definitely had my fair share of tears and days I wanted to give up. But I have my daughter and she motivates me every single day to keep going.“

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