African American Tours trying to break the Dangerous Southeast DC stigma!

African American Tours trying to break the Dangerous Southeast DC stigma!


On Wednesday, July 5th at 11am Capital Buddy Tours will launch the first daily 3hr African American Tour the DC Black History Day Tour from in front of the Anacostia Metro Station on the Green Line in SE DC. “If you’re going to start some Black Tours then you might as well start in the Black community and right now we’re the only ones” says Don Folden which is one of the reasons he decided to start all his tours from the Anacostia Metro Station. Folden thinks he has the best daily tours in DC because he covers more than just the Mall area and he shares all of DC’s history told and untold.

“This is a big gamble because when I launched my 2 tours The DC Underground Railroad Tour and The DC Black History Night Tour last November I knew starting in SE presented its own set of challenges off of reputation alone and it has been kinda tough to get some attention for being the first to offer daily Black Tours” says Folden who thinks someone always has to start another trend with the new African American Museum breaking all kinds of records with attendance.

“Our Tours tells you the triumphs and tragedies of African Americans in DC and yes some of it is painful” Folden says. Folden brags that his Tours covers all of DC’s history and that this is the only Tour in DC that takes you into a Historical Black Cemetery where runaway slaves actually hid on The Underground Railroad and you’ll also see the second best view of DC on his tours.

One thing is for certain he is not shy about promoting his Black Tours as seen by his crashing CNN’s coverage of the Comey Hearings on Capitol Hill with his DC Black History Night Tour sign which he calls his Guerrilla Warfare Marketing Move. Folden can be reached at 202-340-2017 or for more information.